22 Sep 2018 | Persian
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About Us

Azarasa chemical company is a producer of metal pre- treatment chemicals founded in 1974 in Iran. Our central office is located in Tehran and the factory is  in Lia Industrial Town , Qazvin .  To contact us, please refer to contact us .

We are a private company with high technical and engineering capacities, well known for working within a wide range of industries, from soft beverage company of  ZamZam to car manufacturer, Zamiad.


degreaseres,phosphates,chromates,water washes,rust removeres,painte removeres,descleres,anti-crrosiones ReadMore
Address : unit 68 , number 52 , Gandhi St , Tehran , Iran Contact number : 0098021688206965-009802188206966-009802188662166
Fax number : 0098021888884471 ReadMore