17 Jul 2018 | Persian
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About Us

Azarasa chemical company is a producer of metal pre- treatment chemicals founded in 1974  .Our central office is located in Tehran and the factory is  in Lia Industrial Town , Qazvin .  To contact us, please refer to contact us .
We are a private company with high technical and engineering capacities, well known for working within a wide range of industries, from soft beverage company of  ZamZam to car manufacturer, Zamiad. We’ve been holding ISO 9001 since 2003.
Azarasa consists of following departments : research and development, quality control, production, sale, service and training.
If  you are considering designing a new pretreatment or paint production line, or changing your existing one, we will be pleased to assist you.
In our research and development unit, we consider requirements and environment of your system, and develop or adjust a new product to meet your needs.
Our expert engineers and chemists in sales unit, offer a wide range of sale and after sale services, visiting your plant and production line if you inquire.
Azarasa is cooperating with Alvares Sanat , an import export business that works with companies in China, Malaysia, India , Ukraine and Russia.